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Mom Crush Monday

This is Asfala, mama to 3 year old Poppy! Asfala is our official #momcrush this week and we can’t get enough of her and that little firecracker Poppy. These two have been coming to Stroller Strides and Barre for almost a year now and Asfala even carves out a little time for herself at our Sunday Body Back drop ins🙌🏼. We are so grateful to have them in our village. Keep reading to learn more about her and her crew!

😴Whats your mom struggle right now? Sleep deprivation (still). Poppy’s never been a good sleeper and I can count on 2 hands the times she’s slept thru the night. ☕️What is filling your cup these days? Drinking Oat milk lattes from Temple with my new mom friends while wrangling our children. 👯‍♀️Tell us how you balance all the things.. My clean laundry stays in piles because Poppy and I are too busy having a dance party. I’ve given up cooking and my meals often resemble hers (but with a side of coffee). I am a stickler for a clean kitchen and Poppy loves to help wash and rinse... and then we mop the floor. 💪🏼What gives you strength for motherhood?

It’s definitely a combination of things. My husband is the best dad to our daughter. I love having mom friends who can commiserate with me over our current challenges with motherhood. Stroller strides is a highlight of our week. Poppy is always cheering me on to run faster, squat lower hand her a snack. ☀️Favorite Fit4mom memory? After class one day we let the kids play in the sand area at the park. It was nice to take a pause and realize I didn’t have to hurry to the next activity/errand. I could just enjoy the sunshine and my conversations with my new mom friends company while watching our kids play in the sand. Sometimes pausing and being present in the moment is so special. 👩‍👧Favorite part about being a mom? Witnessing the evolution of Poppy. From her first smile... laugh... knock knock joke. My heart bursts with love for her on a daily basis.

Thank you @asfala for always being you and for being a part of our Fit4mom #girlgang. We ❤️ you!!!