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Mom Crush Monday

Meet the beautiful Katie!! Mama to Max(4) and Margot(11 months) and wifey to the lucky James. You will most likely find Katie at one of our Body Back classes working hard and always with the most sincere smile and the most positive energy. We love having her in class and its the biggest treat when her and her crew(the CUTEST crew) roll up to Stroller Strides. We love you Katie!! Keep reading to get to know a little bit about her!!

👉🏼What do you do for work now or before kiddos? Until Max was one I worked as a budget and communications manager at the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco. 👉🏼Whats your mama struggle right now? My struggle lately has definitely been figuring out how to best support/weather the emotional ups and downs of my four year old, while simultaneously watching every move of my almost one year old who is trying to eat and test everything out (totally doable )

👉🏼Tell us how you balance all the things.. I am doing a much better job this time around of making sure I get small breaks of me time either Fit4Mom classes, seeing close friends, or asking for help when I need it. Even an hour to do something for myself has helped me feel more energized and helped keep me going through the sleepless first year. Also, I love making lists to keep me organized, plus crossing things off my list is the best feeling! 👉🏼What gives you strength for motherhood?

Hands down support from other moms gives me strength for motherhood. I have learned so much from this village. The ability to laugh about the hard moments and celebrate each others parenting successes has made me a better mom. Taking time each night to enjoy a quiet house with two sleeping kids (happens 50-75% of the time) and think about my highs and lows for the day has helped me stay present and grateful for the little moments. ❤️favorite part about being a mom?

Watching Max and Margot discover something new or figure something out that is challenging for them. I love watching their faces light up and soaking up all the silliness and laughter they bring in to our lives.

Katie is #momgoals all day and we are so glad she found this village. #MOMcrushMonday