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Mom Crush Monday

This is Dawn, mama to Samuel who will be 9 months old on Wednesday! Dawn is fairly new to #FIT4MOM but is already so loved here. At our Mothers Day class she won free month of classes and without hesitation handed it over to a fellow mama who was at her first class, she’s a total gem. Read on to get to know her a little better.. ❤️When did you start coming to strides and WHY?

I started going to stroller strides in March 2019. I needed to connect with moms and get out of the house with Samuel. Our walks were great but you start to go a little crazy with just the little kid all day, everyday. When my friend, Carlie, mentioned it I said “oh yeah but I’ll go when you do, I don’t want to do it alone”. The cool part is you never feel alone, so I really had nothing to worry about. ❤️What do you do for work now or before kiddos?

I have the pleasure of helping new and old friends find a new homes and/or sell the one that no longer suits their needs. Samuel joins me on every adventure and sold his first house at 2 months old. I’m very thankful for my awesome clients and the option to bring my son with me. ❤️Whats your mama struggle right now?

My struggle is figuring out how to help my son while he’s teething. Sometimes he just can’t be consoled and that’s tough on any mama :( ❤️Tell us how you balance all the things..

The balance can be tricky, but I’ve found that making sure everything goes on my calendar is the key. Seeing it all and deciding what’s really important today. And of course, my son is right there with me, so it helps that I can feed him in the carrier and spend time with him while doing other things at the same time. ❤️Favorite part about being a mom?

The smile my little man shoots me is golden and his laugh is the best. I never knew I could love someone else this much❤️ Thank you Dawn for being a part of this crazy village! #MOMcrushmonday