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Mom Crush Monday

Every Monday we love to share and gush over one of our awesome members. This week we’re sharing this amazing mama to be, Sophie!! Sophie has been attending our Monday night FIT4BABY classes since February. Sophie always has a smile on her face and brings the best energy to class even at 18 weeks pregnant, we LOVE that. Keep reading to find out a little bit more about her..

🌸What is your favorite activity to do with your husband? I love hiking and travelling together. The first thing my husband Thomas bought that's baby-related is a hiking backpack for our little one so we can instill a love of nature in our little one and still do what brings us joy! 🍩What’s your pregnancy craving? Chocolate doughnuts....and anchovies with french bread (not all together...because now THAT would be weird!)

🌸Favorite thing to do to re-charge? These days, I'm really relishing in time spent with my girlfriends on hikes and lunch/dinner dates, and talking on the phone. Time with girlfriends is so important and I feel incredibly supported and empowered when I'm around them.

🌸Which two qualities/traits do you hope your little one inherits from you? From your partner? I hope my little one inherits my sense of humor and my husband's sense of curiosity and adventure.

🌸What do you love most about FIT4BABY? My biggest fear during pregnancy was that I would get out of shape and have to give up hiking and other activities that bring me joy and connect me with my partner and friends. By joining FIT4BABY I met so many amazing other moms-to-be who are strong, fun, and living their lives to the fullest up until they give birth. Emily has been such an inspiration and motivates me to keep moving and get strong which will help with pregnancy, labor, and recuperation afterwards. So far, I've been able to continue to hike, walk and run, and be my healthiest and best self. FIT4BABY creates a wonderful environment and I feel so much more confident and ready for motherhood! #MOMcrushMonday #ourvillage