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Mom Crush Monday

This is Jessica and her crew, June(4.5), Wade(5mo) and Derek! Its a joy having Jessica and her kiddos in class, last week she made it to all FIVE Strides classes!! So impressive!! Read on to see how she balances life with a preschooler and an infant and what she loves about being a mom. How do you balance it all?

🌈Balance is so hard! One thing I’ve learned is that in order to be able to do the things that I enjoy doing, I've got to get the kiddos into it and excited about it too. From the big fun stuff like traveling and eating out, to the little stuff like trips to Trader Joe’s and doing dishes, I try to include them. It’s not a success story every day by any means, especially the aforementioned dishes. But, one of June’s favorite things to do is push a mini cart in TJs and get stickers or a lollipop, which is clutch because sometimes that’s the most “exciting” activity of the day! It also helps to have a husband who makes me breakfast and coffee in the morning and comes home and reads June books and puts her to bed! Where do you find your #strengthinmotherhood?

🌈As far as strength in motherhood, I’m trying to be more like my own mom, who passed away seven years ago. She’d laugh if the whip cream can got squirted all over the table and floor, or play music and have a spontaneous dance party just for the heck of it. I see her spirit in my sisters who are amazing moms and inspire me everyday. I’ve noticed on the days I take life a little less seriously and try to keep a smile on my face, my kids are so much happier too. Best part about being a mom?

🌈Nothing beats baby cuddles, but I’m always discovering new joys as June gets older and surprises me with her confidence and her interests. It melts my heart when she comes home from preschool with a picture she drew of me or a “Valentine” that says she loves her mom. Motherhood certainly isn’t easy, but knowing these little creatures depend on you as the center of their universe is a special feeling indeed! Thank you so much, Jessica for being you and for being a part of this Village!! We can’t get enough of you and your littles!! 😘😘😘 #MOMcrushMonday #realmom #ourvillage