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Mom Crush Monday

This is Jess, one of Fit4mom Davis’s first members! She’s mama to Charlotte, 5, Madeleine, 3.5, and Josephine, 7 weeks and wifey to Clark. Jess has been nothing but a gift to this village for the last 3+ years. She has been a presence and a leader in all of our class formats and we’re so glad to have her back for her 8th session of Body Back!! Read on to see how she spins all the plates, where she gets that #strengthformotherhood and why she thinks being a mama is the absolute best😍

I am able to find balance in my life because I have an incredible support network that starts at home with my husband. I have also learned how to reach out for help and accept it. I embrace the parts of motherhood I enjoy, such as family outings to the park or art projects at home and outsource the ones I do not, like grocery shopping and housecleaning I now get in the form of HomeChef, Instacart and a housekeeper.

Fit4Mom gives me strength for motherhood. It provides all the necessary ingredients: friendships, physical strength, emotional support and stability; which in turn allows me to provide what my family needs, while presenting them with my happiest and best self.

My favorite part about being a mom is the language of love between us all that’s both unspoken and spoken. Unspoken from the way they wrap their little arms and legs around me as I carry them to bed. Spoken like when I hear Charlotte tell Maddie she loves her when they don’t know I’m listening on the baby monitor.

We love you @happy_mom_of_three and are so grateful to have you as a part of this village😘😘😘

Check out Jess' amazingly witty blog here.

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