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Mom Crush Monday

This is Erin, mama to two sweet girls Elizabeth(3)and Emma(1) and wife to Dan. Erin has been with Fit4mom for a few years and has not only just attended classes but also taught them with Fit4mom Woodland! Having her in class is so fun and she always brings the good humor and keeps us laughing. We’re so glad and thankful to have her in this village. Read on to get to know her and why she is our #Momcrush this week.

❤️What do you do for work now or before kiddos?

Before I left the workforce back in 2015, I was an elementary school art teacher for many years.

❤️Whats your mama struggle right now?

Right now my biggest challenge is my “threenager.” Oh, the attitude! I’m learning to be more patient as a mom and I want to raise a strong, independent little girl, but the struggle is real. ❤️What is filling your cup these days?

My husband and I have fallen into a pretty good parenting groove. It took us awhile, but it feels like we’ve finally found our Strides (no pun intended).

❤️Tell us how you balance all the things..

I’m so very lucky to have a super supportive friend and family group. Whenever I need help, need a sitter, or need to get away, they are there. I certainly could not balance it all without them. ❤️What gives you strength for motherhood?

Fit4Mom plays a big roll in giving me strength for this thing called motherhood. Stroller Strides is part of the routine, and my kids know it too. Yes, I get a great physical workout💪🏼, but it’s the friendships formed that really carry me throughout the rest of my day and week. Thank you ladies. ❤️Favorite Fit4mom memory

my favorite Fit4Mom memory was when I got my Stroller Strides Instructor certification (even instructed there for a bit). I formed an entire new appreciation for what Fit4Mom represents. It’s so much more than squats and strollers. It’s a movement; one I’m proud to be part of. ❤️Favorite part about being a mom

Obviously having two little mini-me’s is pretty cool. But really, my favorite part if being a mom is watching my daughters grow and become their own people. They are constantly surprising me with new things they didn’t know, or didn’t do yesterday

Thank you @epronsolino #momcrush #ourvillage