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Mom Crush Monday

A friendship brought together by motherhood is something special. If there is ever a time in your life when you need someone who understands exactly what your going through it is when you become a mom. Just ask Anais and Amanda, they first met at a prenatal yoga class in 2015 as soon as they began to chat and laugh they new they’d be good friends. Once Lincoln and Jackson(both 2.5) entered the world they knew their boys would be good friends too. When both mamas needed a night off a few months after having the boys, they knew who to call. A night of wine, new mama commiserating and a lot of laughs were exactly what they both needed. When we asked Anais what she thought made Amanda a great mom she said..”Grace. Everything Amanda does, in each stage of motherhood, she handles with grace, patience & guides her kiddos growth. I barely knew you pre-motherhood but suspect you have handled much of life’s curveballs with said grace & it has allowed you to be a great pillar to your boys.” Amanda on Ana.. “Ana makes life fun! She is a wonderful wife and mother. Ana is loving, compassionate and patient. She cares for everyone around her and doesn’t judge. She is a cultured beauty who exposes Jackson to so many adventures and experiences. One can tell she has been raised with wonderful values and is rearing her little to exude those exact traits.” Two incredibly beautiful souls who are helping each other thrive in Motherhood. We’re so grateful to have them as a part of this village.

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