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Mom Crush Monday

It's Monday again so that means we want you to meet another one of our awesome mamas. This is Carlie and that awesome little lady on the back of the bike is 2 year old(almost!) Arya! Carlie and Arya have been coming to Stroller Strides since February of last year. Carlie was the winner of our September attendance challenge and only missed 1 class all month!! Read on to see why we adore her so much and why she’s our #MOMcrushMonday mama! 💜What’s your mom hack? Having snacks, water, clean clothes, and diapers stashed everywhere (car, stroller, purse, diaper bag). What was the one thing you said you’d never do as a parent but well, life? Definitely TV. I was strictly no screen time, but when it comes to keeping a sick or injured toddler in one place for more than a minute, nothing works quite as well as Moana. 💜What’s an exciting milestone your little is hitting? Talking. All of a sudden she’s babbling away and saying so many new words all at once. 💜How do you get your MomMEtime? I’m so grateful for a husband that recognizes the importance of ‘me’ time. He does an awesome job taking her for walks and running errands to give me some time to myself. 💜Fit4mom class of choice? Stroller Strides! 💜Your kiddos favorite song at class? Wheels on the bus. 💜Give one piece of advice to Pre mama Carlie: Be patient, because everything only lasts for so long. Those super hard phases and frustrating days all end eventually, and there will be plenty of good days to balance it out. Easier said than done! 💜Why is fitness important to you? During pregnancy and nursing you have to watch what you eat, drink, what medications you take, etc. Always being mindful of your body so it can take care of someone else. When that was all done, getting back into fitness was something that I was able to do for myself and my body that was just for me. 💜Favorite part of being a mom? The hugs first thing in the morning and right before bed are always the best.

#allthefeels Thank you, Carlie for being you and for being a part of this crazy Village😘

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