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Mom Crush Monday

This is the beautiful Jill, mom to Eleanor(4) and Sarah(2). Jill joined Fit4mom back in the summer of 2017 and has been a regular at our Body Back classes ever since. We love having Jill at class because she’s not only working the hardest in the room but also has the biggest smile and best attitude. Keep reading to find out a little more about her... 💜What’s your mom hack? If my kids can do a task themselves, I don't do it for them. It's hard to relinquish control, but it pays off!

💜What was the one thing you said you’d never do as a parent but well, life? I bribe them WAY more than I would like to admit. 💜What’s an exciting milestone your little is hitting? They play together and sometimes they even get along! I love eavesdropping on their sweet conversations.

💜How do you get your MomMEtime? I am really lucky to have a job that I love working as a healthcare attorney. 💜Favorite song to sweat to? "On the Floor" - anything with J. Lo and ft. Pitbull.

💜Fit4mom class of choice? The harder the Body Back class the better. I love when it's so difficult that we all start laughing. It really captures the feeling of being a mom!

💜Favorite Body Back move? Push-ups 💪🏼

💜Girl mom prob? Glitter everywhere.

💜Greatest gift your kids have given you? Their trust. I know that as long as they trust me, I'm doing things right.

💜Give one piece of advice to Pre mama Jill Relax! Your life is so chill.

💜Why is fitness important to you? I want my kids to be kind and healthy human beings so it's up to me to lead by example.

💜Favorite part of being a mom? The moments of silliness. I wouldn't have those moments without my girls.

Don’t you love her now too??? 😍 Thank you Jill for being you and for being an awesome part of this village. #realmom #momcrushmonday