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Mom Crush Monday

This is Maria, mom to Noah(almost 3) and 37 weeks pregnant with baby #2!! Maria has been a member of Fit4mom Davis since the spring of 2016 and just this past year she made the jump that we were all waiting for and began teaching Stroller Strides and our newest program FIT4BABY. Maria’s classes are challenging, so fun and give you that boost you need on those rough Monday mornings. Her teaching style is so approachable and sincere making her her classes so welcoming and inclusive. Even at 9 months pregnant she still manages to bring the energy and fire every Monday morning #supermom!

Read on to find out a little more about instructor Maria.. ❤️What do you love about teaching Fit4mom classes?

I love connecting with other moms and sharing one of the things that I love the most that is working out. Moving my body makes me feel alive! ❤️What is your mom hack?

Right now, letting him sleep with me so we both can nap!

❤️What’s an exciting milestone your little is hitting?

He is on his way to be potty trained, but the most sweet thing is that Noah is finally speaking both English and Spanish at the same time, and that just makes my heart melt!

❤️How do you get your MomMEtime?

Doing yoga every morning or writing before everyone is up.

❤️Current preggo craving? Thought that after Christmas I was done with sweets, but cookies and milk chocolate are still at the top of my list.

❤️Greatest gift your kids have given you?

Noah -and the baby already- teach me that I cannot control anything. They are a constant reminder that life is a miracle I need to be grateful for it.

❤️Give one piece of advice to Pre mom Maria

Let it goooooo!!!! I wish we could enjoy more than worry. We spend sooo much time worrying and trying to have and do things “right” that we forget to enjoy this precious time of their life

❤️Why is fitness important to you?

It’s my therapy!! It just makes me very happy!

❤️Favorite part of being a mom?

Learning how to share my life, my body, and myself with someone else.

❤️Maria is a gift to this #village and we LOVE her and can’t wait to meet baby#2!