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Mom Crush Monday

Meet Nora! Mama to beautiful Eva(almost 1) and two crazy yellow labs. Nora and Eva have been coming to Strides since Eva was 6 weeks old! Read on to get to know her a bit..

What’s your mom hack?

A few weeks ago Allie said “lowering your cleanliness standards” and that really spoke to me. 🙌 Also, lists! I make a lot of lists. -What was the one thing you said you’d never do as a parent but well, life?

Pacify my kid with food. I did not understand the power of snacks. -What’s an exciting milestone your little is hitting?

She’s cruising around the house with her little walker and I think she’ll be walking any day.

-Favorite song to sweat to?

Love me some Cardi and Weezy -Fit4mom class of choice?

Stroller Strides! Especially now that Eva is old enough to really enjoy the singing, play groups, making friends etc.

-Your kiddos favorite song at class?

Slippery fish

-Girl mom prob?

Buying way too many cute bows/headbands/girlie accessories that she won’t wear for more than a minute 😂

-Greatest gift your kids have given you?

A far greater sense of purpose in my life.

-Give one piece of advice to Pre mom Nora

I think pre-mom me was a little obsessive about planning my life to a T. But life is unpredictable and there are so many things out of our control, so just embrace the wild ride and hold on tightly to your loved ones. -Why is fitness important to you?

One of my life goals is to live long enough to be a grandma. I didn’t get to meet my maternal grandma and my mom passed away before Eva was born, so it’s important to me to stay as healthy as I can to try to reach that goal. It also puts me in a much better mood!

We 100% agree! Thank you, Nora for being a part of this village and for always bringing that bright smile to class😘

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