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Mom Crush Monday

Meet Michele Miller, mom to Willa! Michele is one of our founding Fit4baby Mamas and is expecting #2 in 2019!! She has one unbelievable birth story with #1 so we thought we’d let her give you a little Christmas Eve bedtime story. Enjoy!!! .

Alone in an Uber, I headed to the emergency room while my water continued to break on a stranger’s backseat. Yes, this is my real birth story, and I did lay down a towel before I sat in the seat. I was 37 weeks pregnant, living in San Francisco with my husband Kevin. Our dear friend was getting married so I urged Kevin to fly down to San Diego for a 36-hour trip. Just earlier that morning my OBGYN had instructed me that the department would not check dilation at 37 weeks. I had dropped Kevin off at the airport, worked a full day from home, did a prenatal yoga class, walked to the market and back (2-hour walk), and watched natural birthing videos. Later that night at 1:00 am, I jumped out of bed to my water breaking. After googling water breaking I determined that I wasn't losing bladder control, but starting labor. After calling Kevin, and my mother in Walnut Creek, the contractions started. They were coming every minute and lasting about a minute. Feeling helpless in San Diego, Kevin instructed me to call an Uber and head straight to my hospital. With super painful contractions I was only able to call the Uber and dress myself. Hospital bag packed? Of course it wasn’t... As I got into the Uber, my water continued to break. The cigarette smoking driver asked me if I’d prefer he stopped. I told him to help himself and head to the hospital, no more talking. Needless to say my mom arrived from Walnut Creek just in time for the birth of Willa Jean at 4:15 am the same day. My husband missed the birth, although saw some footage via FaceTime. Now that I am six months pregnant you can bet my husband is sticking to me like glue . Since my first labor was under four hours, I am crossing my fingers that there won’t be a homebirth.

Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth, One Love

Michele Miller

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