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Mom Crush Monday

Meet Shannon, mom to Theo and Sam!! Shannon started Strides after Sam was born while on maternity leave, a year after being back at work she found out about Body Back and never looked back. Her quick wit and hard working mentality is a breath of fresh air at class even at 5:30 in the morning🤪. Read on to get to know her a bit!

❤️What’s your mom hack? Daniel Tiger. Both my kids find it incredibly soothing. Sometimes my husband and I shake our heads at those songs but it’s some kind of kid magic in our house 🤷‍♀️

❤️What’s an exciting milestone your little is hitting? My boys are starting to really make each other laugh (when they’re not fighting) and it’s the best!

❤️How do you get your MomMEtime? Running, Bodyback, time with friends, reading and listening to podcasts.

Fit4mom class of choice? 5:30am BodyBack. It sounded insane to me when I first signed up but it’s the best way to start the day and the only way I’ve found to consistently get those workouts in. ❤️Boy mom prob? So.much.wrestling.

❤️Greatest gift your kids have given you? The fact that I can make them feel safe and loved in a way no one else can. It can be so draining but can also make me feel like a superhero. ❤️Give one piece of advice to Pre mom Shannon..

You can’t focus on everything, so pick the things you care about most and let the rest go. ❤️Why is fitness important to you? It makes me feel good—strong and confident. And I want to be able to keep up with my kids (who never stop moving). Thank you @smkahn414 for being a part of this village, we❤️you!#momcrushmonday #realmom #ourvillage