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Mom Crush Monday

This amazing lady is Allie, she is one of our OG founding mamas and has been a HUGE part of this village since the beginning. She’s mom to Rowan(5), Liam(3) and just last month she got to travel to China to adopt their daughter June(7)!!! Amazing!! Keep reading to find out a little more about her and her crew!

🌸What’s your mom hack?

Lowering my standards of cleanliness.

🌸What was the one thing you said you’d never do as a parent but well, life? I thought I’d never be the mom that hands off her kids to her husband the second he gets home. I thought I would always enjoy my time with my precious little angels from morning to night. But some tough days... I hear Rob pull up in the drive way and I’m running out the door, ✌🏼out tiny tyrants!

🌸What’s an exciting milestone your little is hitting? We are experiencing milestones in new and exciting ways with June. Every teeny tiny developmental milestone is a huge celebration and a blessing!

🌸Favorite song to sweat to? My ️ ❤️Ludacris but my 🍑says Beyoncé. I also love that my phone just autocorrected Beyoncé to include the ’ over the e. Steve Jobs just gets me.

🌸Fit4mom class of choice? ALL. THE. CLASSES.

🌸Greatest gift your kids have given you? Joy. There is an indescribable joy that, I think, only parents experience while watching their kids learn, grow, laugh, and discover. It is truly a remarkable gift.

🌸Give one piece of advice to Pre mom Allie. Growing up, my sister’s family famous malapropism was, “Patience is a vacation” in stead of “Patience is a virtue”. While patience may be a virtue, it truly is a vacation when it comes to dealing with your children. The more patience and understanding you have, the easier it is to parent!

🌸Why is fitness important to you? It instantly lifts my mood. If I don’t work out, everyone around me that days knows it . I’m a better mom when I feel healthy and strong!

🌸Favorite part of being a mom? Blasting gangster rap from my mainstream mommy minivan 👊🏼!

Now you love her too, right?? Allie thank you for just being you and being a constant beacon of light, love and strength in this village. We are so grateful for you and your family. #momcrushmonday #REALMOM