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Mom Crush Monday

Meet Meghan, mama to Matt(5), Max(2.5), and Lola(naughty boglen terrier) and devoted wifey to her high school honey, Mike. Meghan was born and raised here in Davis and is not only an attorney but also recently became the Executive Director of @davisfarmtoschool Anyone going to the Village Feast this Saturday?? Meghan has been with Fit4mom for a couple of years and is currently carving out 8 weeks for her in our Body Back Transformation program. Meghan is an absolute inspiration to our entire team and village. We are SO glad you’re here Meghan. Keep reading to get to know this awesome lady a little better. *Whats your mama struggle right now? Going back to work after taking the summer off to spend quality time as a family has been a hard transition (although we have a few fun adventures planned coming up). Also, Max is taking his job as a 2 year old very seriously. I’m using my parenting mantra a lot — “he’s not giving me a hard time, he’s having a hard time.”

*What is filling your cup these days? Making an effort to make my health a priority, including getting back into to Body Back. Travel. And coffee. Always coffee. *Tell us how you balance all the things.. So so much help from family (both Mike and I grew up in Davis and have our parents here in town). *What gives you strength for motherhood, could be physical, emotional, mental etc..: Knowing that I can do hard things. Knowing my body can do hard things. Knowing that I can move mountains ⛰

Wanting to make positive memories with my kids and to see them grow up into smart, resilient, loving young men.

Favorite part about being a mom: Witnessing a love for learning develop in my kids. Matt never ceases to amaze me with all the facts he know about animals and dinosaurs 🐆🦕 Also seeing how sweet these boys can be to each other💙

@mdcovert you’re so loved around here and we are beyond grateful you’re a part of this village!

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