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Mom Crush Monday

This is beautiful, glowing mama is Amy! Amy has Ben(20 months) and is married to Chris. Amy, Chris and Ben are expecting a new baby boy due this December!!

We’re so lucky to have her in our AM Body Back classes and she is inspiring to watch especially as she approaches that third trimester. And her bump is the cutest💙. Read on to learn a little more about her ❤️What do you do for work now or before kiddos?

I have been an RN for nearly 10 years and became a Nurse Practitioner about 4 years ago and love taking care of my patients!

❤️Whats your mama struggle right now?

Obsessing about my to do lists and getting things done once Ben goes to bed vs. relaxing with my hubby. Also MEAL prepping!

❤️Tell us how you balance all the things..

Exercise, breathing, perseverating about balance and then telling myself to snap out of it and remember how wonderful our life is! I am so lucky to have my mom near by in Davis…she has been our rock for adjusting to this whole parenting thing. ❤️What gives you strength for motherhood, could be physical, emotional, mental etc..:

Realizing how hard it is to be a mom and that I am not the only one

❤️Favorite Fit4mom memory

Joining this awesome group of mamas just as I was in the early days of finding out I might be pregnant again! Also, "breaking" into the studio last class to get the weights ;)

❤️Favorite part about being a mom

The never-ending love and joy I get from staring at my son. Today I wanted to get mad at him for taking my lip moisturizer out of my drawer until he dipped his little finger in and put it on my lips…I melt every day over him.

Amy, you’re the best! Thank you for being a part of this village!! #MOMcrushMONDAY #ourvillage