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Mom Crush Monday

This is Briedi mama to Kian(3.5) and Terran(1.5) were crushing on her this week and every week actually. She’s always so fun to have at both Strides and Body Back and if you want to see her get down just throw on Usher’s “Yeah”! Read on to get to know her a little bit.

❤️What do you do for work now or before kiddos?

Diversity/intercultural educator. Now I work part-time at UC Davis.

❤️Whats your mama struggle right now?

I feel like everyone says this, but patience is the struggle for me right now. Sometimes I feel snippier than I want to be with my preschooler and toddler. On good days I can handle their extreme emotions, messes, challenges to authority, etc. with grace and love. Other times (not enough sleep, trying to get somewhere in a hurry, stress at work/home) I react too harshly. Trying to find the balance between loving, firm and patient. ❤️Tell us how you balance all the things..

I work part-time and have grandparent help weekly so that’s huge. I like being able to play with my kiddos a few whole days a week plus with hubs on the weekends/evenings. Then it’s rewarding to have a job I enjoy doing a few days a week too. Having a partner who shares an equal parenting load also really makes things go smoother! ❤️What gives you strength for motherhood?

I did a lot of soul-searching in my 20s and built up some inner strength and emotional resiliency. So when things get tough now I can usually tap into some inner calm reservoirs that I built over the years. Working out also helps me immensely! Plus my core group of solid friends completely boost me up and support me. It’s awesome to have mama friends I can call or text anytime to bounce some things off of or who will just listen.

❤️Favorite part about being a mom

All the cuddles I get! My kids are really affectionate and it melts my heart when the older one asks “mama, will you snuggle with me?” The little guy has the best hug: little arms hooked tightly around my neck, head in my shoulder and peaceful sighs in my ear. I love it when the snuggles are accompanied by “mama, I love you SO much,” or “I wuv woo!” (as the little one says)

We’re so grateful to have Briedi in our village! We love you @breidibee