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Mom Crush Monday

This is Allison this weeks #MOMcrush. Allison joined us at the beginning of the summer and we have loved having her and her two girls Lily(2.5) and Zoe(1 today!!) at Stroller Strides. She is a local teacher and also on the board of a multicultural theater company…(SO COOL!) Read on and check out our stories to see what she loves about motherhood and where she gets her strength to keep being an awesome mama/wife/teacher day after day! ❤️Tell us how you balance all the things..

I'm so thankful that my college roommate, Asfala, told me about Stroller Strides. This is my first summer having two children and I was really worried about facing the entire day with them all summer while my husband was at work. Attending Stroller Strides gives me a sense of balance. I can focus on myself for an hour without the mom guilt of not being with the kids. Then we go to the playground or library. It makes the rest of the day go more smoothly and I enjoy the camaraderie of being with other moms. ❤️What gives you strength for motherhood?

I'm gaining physical strength through physical therapy for diastasis recti (abdominal separation caused by pregnancy). I couldn't figure out why my body felt so off and why sit-ups weren't helping my post-pregnancy belly pudge. I found out that I had a gap in my tummy muscles and I needed to do the exercise "dead bugs" to bring my abs back together. Now I can carry my kids longer with less back pain and I feel like I can begin to make the rest of my body stronger. ❤️What's your mama struggle right now? I take on too much and then I'm not as patient as I want to be with my kids. I'm trying to remember the quote from Empowered Mama, "Kids follow by example, not advice", especially when it comes to managing stress. ❤️Favorite part about being a mom

Sharing the best and most fun parts of my childhood with my children is my favorite part of being a mom because I love seeing the joy on their faces.

Thank you Allison for being a part of this crazy village we’re so glad you’re here.

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