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Mom Crush Monday

This glowing brand new mama is Molly! Molly just gave birth to baby Beau earlier this month. We’ve loved having this sweet lady at our FIT4BABY classes right up to the end of her pregnancy. Way to go Molly! Read on to find out a little more about her..

❤️What do you do for work now or before kiddos? I support development and alumni engagement for the College of Engineering at UC Davis.

❤️Whats your mama struggle right now? Lack of sleep and (what feels like) constant feedings! ♥️Tell us how you balance all the things. Haha! See my note above... Still figuring out what balance looks like with a new baby! So far, it includes naps and multi-tasking with my spare hand while breastfeeding!?

♥️What gives you #strengthformotherhood I'm so fortunate to have a supportive network -- my amazing husband and generous family, friends and colleagues nearby. As a new mom, the support, encouragement and great advice they've given me have meant everything! I meditate daily using an awesome mom-focused app called Expectful. And I can't wait to re-focus on my physical well-being by getting back to Fit4Mom and my yoga classes!

*Favorite part about being a mom: After 9+ months of kicking and hiccups in the womb, I just love finally getting to know this little kiddo! I can't wait to see who Beau grows up to be.

Welcome the the motherhood club, Molly! We’re so grateful to have you in this village!

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