November's MOM

This Mom: Cristina Buss

Mom to: Adara (3.5 years old), Nash (1.5 years old)

Member since: March 2017

Interesting fact about Cristina, in her own words: My husband and I met in the nerd dorm (honors program) at UC Davis in 2001. Our nerdiness branched into playing ultimate frisbee, and my team won the national championship in 2004.

Why Cristina loves Body Back, in her own words: Body Back gives me time with inspiring moms who consistently prioritize their own health. I love the evening session because we talk "too much," and it's a great place to share mom-hood while also getting exercise AND not being on-duty for the bedtime routine! ;) Seeing other real women making good food choices, doing plank challenges, and taking care of themselves and their families is a great reminder that it CAN be done. I really value the community and realness.