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September's MOM

This Mom: Elise Cobb

Mom to: Patrick (5), Valerie (3)

Member since: August 2017

Interesting fact about Elise, in her own words: I grew up playing soccer but turned into a runner later in life and once finished 11th in a New York City half marathon.

Why Elise loves Stroller Strides, in her own words: Now that I have kids, I don’t have time to run six miles a day for fun so Stroller Strides is a perfect way to get in a long workout with my kids. I also love the community that Stroller Strides provides - being surrounded by other mamas who are focused on their own health and wellness goals but still devoted to their kids. It really is an amazing village. Should I have more kids so I don’t have to leave?? (Kidding!!)